Is it true that in some registrars have paperless renewal RU, SU, RF domain?

As a rule, the transfer of rights to Ru, Su, RF domains seller must send a notarized letter to the paper recorder’s office. But there is a paperless transfer of domains. The general principle of a simplified transfer Ru domains is that the seller initially enters into a contract with the registrar for online renewal of domains. To do this, he either personally come to the office of the Registrar or send notarized documents by mail. That is, instead of every time to send a paper letter to the registrar, it is done only once. So, at the request of the workers lay out a list of recorders that support paperless renewal Ru, Su, RF domain:

1) Nic

The Registrar sends the control key to the seller and a link to confirm your acceptance of the domain – the buyer at the e-mail, specified in the request (e-mail receiving side). The seller informs the buyer control key. The buyer clicks the link for making domain and introduces the control key on the confirmation page.

2) Reg and its partners

If there is agreement prodavtw can renew online domain in one of two ways:

– From the personal account in the menu “My Domains”. To do this, select the domain and click the “Change Administrator online”, enter the data of the buyer and enter the verification code via SMS which came on the phone number.
– Submit application for updating the scan to e-mail domain

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Whois, or how to find contacts who purchases a domain name like
When you buy a domain name, you fill the contact fields: first name, name, email address, phone. By default these fields are accessible to all, and there are very few buyers who believe in making their data inaccessible. To search the database, you use what is called whois.

Official websites like or do not give useful results. The one I recommend is Apart from advertisements and other video without interest, it compiles all of the most interesting data.

During your research first – on in this case – you will not find nothing very interesting: as the official engines gives little information on the first page. But clicking on the small “History” tab you will find recent changes owners.